Plant the Seeds of Success for Your Business

Explore our commercial landscaping services in Coldwater, Benton, Mayfield & Murray, KY

When the outside of your business looks overgrown, it can turn away potential customers. Luckily, Unique Designs Nursery & Landscaping LLC specializes in commercial landscaping services that will keep your Coldwater, Benton, Mayfield & Murray, KY area business looking neat and inviting.

If you're wondering how to make your landscape design more pleasing to the eye, consider starting a flower bed. Rely on our specialists to create the outline of the bed with decorative edging and plant a variety of flowers.

Get in touch with us today to see how commercial landscaping services from Unique Designs Nursery & Landscaping can dramatically improve your business's curb appeal.

3 benefits of keeping your lawn mowed regularly

One of the surest ways to make your company's exterior look professional is with basic commercial lawn maintenance. We'll take care of lawn cleanup to remove unsightly debris and dead leaves, then mow your lawn to give it a manicured look.

Keeping your grass neatly trimmed helps:

  • Keep pests from taking up residence in your grass and becoming a nuisance
  • Ensure a more equal distribution of sunlight and water
  • Create a uniform appearance that's more appealing than clumps and patches


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